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O'TEA創立於2014年,主營批發,零售健康茶類食品,秉持純天然,無添加的宗旨, 為顧客提供優質產品, 推廣健康生活文化。蕎麥茶系列產品已在各千色分店(CITISTORE)、SOGO (祟光百貨)、AEON 、裕華國貨等上架,亦批發給中高檔酒樓及食肆。蕎麥茶出產於香格里拉2000米海拔以上地區,花茶乃收集世界各地優質原材料製成,,非再加工成形,不添加任何香料,防腐劑。

Our company was founded in 2014.Mainly wholesales and retails healthy tea products. Adhering to the purpose of (pure natural, no additives), it provides customers with high-quality products and promotes a healthy life culture. Our product has been sold in Citistores,Sogo department stores, Aeon, Yue hwa.and also wholesaled to mid-to-high-end restaurants.

Buckwheat tea is produced in Shangri-La at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Scented tea is made from high-quality raw materials from all over the world. Reprocessed and shaped. No fragrances, preservatives added

Buckwheat Tea  

Buckwheat tea 

What is Buckwheat Tea


O'TEA is made of the buckwheat specially selected from the uncontaminated high mountain areas at over 2,000 meters above sea level in Yunnan. Apart from its rick nutrition, the buckwheat is as well said to be the cream of the whole grains for its smoothest texture and the aromatic scent of toasted grain, giving a fresh start and a long-lasting finished.


What is buckwheat tea?


Shangri-La's natural organic buckwheat tea above 2000 meters above sea level is non-reprocessed and formed without adding any spices or preservatives. Maximize the retention of various beneficial substances, and bring you high-quality natural and healthy buckwheat tea. Buckwheat, as the name suggests, is made from the cereal crop tartary buckwheat. Tartary buckwheat is a healthy food and is called "the king of grains".



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Target Group Applicable People


The bioflavonoids in buckwheat not only improves blood circulation in wounds and prevent embolism, but also lowers blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar as well as cholesterol. It is well-known as the “blood purifier”.


Tartary buckwheat flavonoids can not only effectively promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, anti-embolism, lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and purify blood. Tartary buckwheat is called "San Jiang Dan" by modern people.


The tea helps get rid of congested body wastes, protect the liver, and strengthen the immune system.


Detoxification, nourish liver, strengthen immunity.


The 4 elements of anti-oxidation, including, the rich bioflavonoids, selenium, vitamins C and E, can effectively remove free radicals in the body and thus staving off deterioration. The amino acids in Buckwheat tea can also remove and prevent toxins and foreigners from being absorbed by fat, working well in control weight.


Tartary buckwheat is rich in four types of antioxidant elements: bioflavonoids, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E, which can effectively remove free radicals in the body and delay aging. The amino acids in tartary buckwheat tea can clean up toxins and foreign bodies in the body, prevent fat absorption, detoxify, nourish the skin, and lose weight.

Supplement of trace elements, especially 2,4-Dihydroxy-cinnamic acid work in removing body wastes, brightening skin tone, and preventing freckles and age spots.


Supplement trace elements, especially 2,4-dihydroxy-cis-cinnamic acid, to detoxify and whiten, prevent freckles and age spots.

The tea improves the microcirculation in the heart and the brain of those who are often stressed out from excessive use of the mind. It enhances the blood circulation in the eyes, removes body wastes, soothe fatigue, and restores energy.


Improve the microcirculation of the heart and brain, promote blood circulation in the eyes, remove garbage from the body, relieve physical fatigue, and restore energy.

Rich dietary fibre can adjust the cooperation of the digestion  organs, and so help with excretion. Buckwheat is as known  as a “purifying plant”.


Tonic contains a large amount of dietary fiber and regulates gastrointestinal effects. Clear fire, moisten the intestines and laxatives. The folks also call tartary buckwheat as "clean intestine grass".

Buckwheat tea contains rich proteins, chlorophyll, fat, carbohydrates, crude fibre, minerals, trace elements, 18 types of natural amino acids and 9 types of fatty acid. All these are beneficial to growth of children.


Improvement: Tartary buckwheat tea is not only rich in protein, chlorophyll, fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber, minerals and trace elements, but also contains 18 kinds of natural amino acids and 9 kinds of fatty acids, which can promote the growth and development of children.

Bioflavonoids protect blood vessels, improve microcirculation, and prevent thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases. Buckwheat contains selenium – the anti-aging element that also works well against cancers.


Improved bioflavonoids can protect blood vessels, promote microcirculation, fight thrombosis, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Tartary buckwheat contains selenium-the king of anti-cancer, and selenium is an anti-aging element.

To improve microcirculation, calm the nerves, and help with sleep.


Improve heart and brain microcirculation, soothe the nerves and help sleep

Bioflavonoids are not only useful in processing alcohol and detoxifying the blood so to protect the liver, but also beneficial to the stomach. Anti-oxidation also strengthens the immune system.


Improve people who drink excessively. Bioflavonoids relieve alcoholism, protect liver and liver, nourish stomach, anti-oxidant and enhance human immune function.

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Key Nutrients and Effects


1. Rich Vitamins


The rich vitamins C and E, trace elements, and amino acids in the tea are effective in producing anti-oxidation, which works well to remove redundant free radicals and revitalise white blood cells. This helps prevent pigmentation, restore elasticity and stave off deterioration of skin. The tea also removes body wastes, strengthens the immune system, and reduces side effects of medicines for cancers.

Efficacy and main nutrients


1. Rich in vitamins


Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, various trace elements and amino acids, it has a strong antioxidant effect, can inhibit and eliminate excess free radicals in the human body, activate macrophages, eliminate skin pigmentation, and discharge various toxins in the body. Make skin shiny and elastic, delay skin cell aging. Enhance the body's immune function and reduce the negative effects of anti-cancer drugs.

2. Rich Proteins


The tea contains rich protein, minerals as well as 9 types of vital elements to human body, such as fatty acids and linoleic acid. These can rejuvenate the spleen and digestion organs, serving to increase appetite, revitalise skin, refresh the mind, and enhance the coordination of organ functions. The tea is effective in preventing .

2. Rich in protein


It is rich in protein and mineral elements and 9 kinds of fatty acids, linoleic acid and other biologically active substances necessary for the human body. .

3. Plentiful Dietary Fibre


The dietary fibre in Buckwheat Tea helps with the nutrition distribution in the digestion organs and improve gastrointestinal motility, enhancing excretion and clearing congested wastes. This is particularly effective in treating constipation. Besides, the tea can reduce the low-density lipoprotein and the total cholesterol in the serum and produce anti-oxidation, adding life to the skin.

3. Coarse grain dietary fiber


The rare coarse grain dietary fiber in tartary buckwheat can balance the distribution of gastrointestinal nutrition, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help excretion, and achieve the purpose of clearing the intestines and moisturizing the intestines. Effectively treat constipation. Reduce the content of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in serum. Coarse grain dietary fiber increases the skin's antioxidant function, makes the skin healthy and shiny, and beautifies the skin.

4. Bioflavonoid


TheBioflavonoid is exceptionally beneficial to the liver and help handling alcohol. It is the key to treating constipation and against unbalanced eating habits and lifestyles.

5. Active element – Selenium


The selenium in Buckwheat Tea can form with metals and proteins as a complex element, which takes away toxic substances and wastes from the body so as to improve blood circulation in the heart and the brain, soothe fatigue, and restore energy.


6. Rutin


The rutin in Buckwheat Tea helps soften blood vessels and lower blood fat, blood sugar, and blood pressure. In particular, rutin is especially suitable for the overweight as it works to absorb and speed up the burning of excess fat in the body.

4. Bioflavonoids


Bioflavonoids have the magical functions of nourishing the liver, protecting the liver and alleviating alcohol. They are the nemesis of constipation patients and modern "riches disease".

5. Active element-selenium


The active element in tartary buckwheat, selenium, can combine with metals in the human body to form an unstable "metal-selenium-protein" complex, which helps to eliminate toxic substances in the body, improves the heart and brain circulation, removes garbage in the body, and relieves fatigue , Restore energy.


6. Rutin


The rutin contained in buckwheat tea can soften blood vessels, has the functions of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, weight loss and detoxification, cleaning up human garbage, and activating insulin secretion. Rutin can absorb excess fat in the human body and accelerate the consumption of excess fat. It is especially suitable for obese people.

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Edible Method

1.  Served as Hot or Cold Tea


  Add boiling water and wait 3 minutes for instant use; or, after cooling, put the tea in the fridge for a cold taste, optionally with lemon or honey according to personal preferences.

Soak in hot water for 3 minutes and drink directly; or after cooling, put it in the refrigerator and drink it. You can add lemon or honey according to your own taste.

2. Used with Soy Milk  Mixed soy milk


Add buckwheat tea while making soy milk for a purified and enhanced taste.

Adding this product in the process of making soy milk can remove the fishy smell of soy milk and make the soy milk more fragrant.

3. Used with Blooming Tea  With scented tea


  Add boiling water and wait 3 minutes for instant use; or, after cooling, put the tea in the fridge for a cold taste, optionally with lemon or honey according to personal preferences.

Soak in hot water for 3 minutes and drink directly; or after cooling, put it in the refrigerator and drink it. You can add lemon or honey according to your own taste.

4. Cooked with Rice  Rice fragrant


Add a small amount of Buckwheat Tea when cooking rice for an enhanced flavour of the grain.

Appropriate incorporation of a small amount of this product when cooking rice can increase the flavor and nutritional value of the rice.

5.  Direct Consumption  Chew and taste


  The crispy and delicious Buckwheat Tea is immediately edible.

It can also be chewed and eaten directly, it is crispy and delicious.

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